Name: Moritz Schelp LB995

Hometown: Marburg, Hesse, Germany

Major: Civil Engineering

The Brothers of Lambda-Beta Zeta have chosen Moritz Schelp as their Brother of he Month for the Month of April! Moritz stepped up and took over as our Airband Chair for this years Greek Week. Through his infectiously fun attitude, great choreography, and amazing theme of "A Night at the Lambda House" (a spinoff of Will Ferrell's "A Night at the Roxbury"), Moritz managed to lead us to the podium this year as third place! Moritz was born and raised in Germany, and is a huge fan of both playing soccer and watching his favorite team, FC Bayern Munich. Ever since his initiation in the Fall of 2014, Moritz has been a centerpiece to the fun, positive attitude of the chapter, and has put it to great work for us this year as our Airband Chair!