Name: Stephen Kramer ΛΒ 1028

Major: Economics, Finance

Hometown: Wilmington, Delaware

Career Goal: To be a successful business man


The brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha have chosen Stephen to represent them as their Brother of the Month for February 2017. This is Stephen’s second time receiving this award, and it is very well deserved. Being initiated in the Fall of 2015, Stephen became Brother of the Month very quickly in April of 2016 for his planning of the Fraternity-wide trip to Delaware’s Point to Point horse race. Stephen has continued his efforts to guide the brotherhood in the right direction by his election as our new High Phi, and by being the driving force behind the Fraternity’s efforts to better ourselves through educational speakers that go beyond simply what is required of us. Outside of the brotherhood, Stephen is an excellent student, a member of the University’s Residence Life & Housing team, and an avid fan of baseball and football (Cleveland Browns fan, unfortunately). Last Fall, Stephen even brought his little Brother, Jason, out to the Fraternity, making Lambda Chi a Kramer-family affair. Although who is the better Kramer brother is still a topic of hot debate, Stephen is making a valiant effort to prove himself superior.