Thank you for visiting our website.  We can imagine you have your doubts and concerns about your son joining a Fraternity at The University of Delaware.  Joining a Fraternity is a huge decision for not just your child, but also you as a family.  We are sure that your son will succeed in his college and professional career upon graduation regardless if he joins a Fraternity or not.  It is your understanding that what he learns in class will ultimately land him at an excellent job or Graduate School.  Lambda Chi Alpha will give your son an extra edge by instilling additional tools and life skills that are not available in the classroom. 

Lambda Chi Alpha has been a steadfast part of the University of Delaware since our chartering in 1965.  Over 1000 Brothers have called Lambda Chi Alpha its home away from home for over 50 years.  Our dedication to campus outreach and service to the community are key components to our core values.  Your son will have the opportunity to gain valuable leadership experience and interpersonal skills that are not taught on the academic level in class by being an involved Brother of Lambda Chi Alpha.

As your son begins to figure out what they want to do with their life after college, we help guide them towards help and keep them going on the right track. One way we go about this is through connecting your son with our alumni. With over 1000 alumni in dozens of different career fields, your son will have a limitless number of connections when looking for that key summer job or internship. Over the course of the year we have several events with alumni, at which we encourage Associate Members and Active Members to get to know the alumni and develop their own relationships with them. These relationships can help open up doors that were previously closed and possibly even get them that one job they always dreamed of.

Most importantly, your son will be treated with respect while on their journey to become a brother in our Fraternity.  Lambda Chi Alpha’s Associate Member Program lives by our motto, Vir Quisque Vir, meaning Every Man a Man, or no man shall be treated less then he is. The stereotypical images of “pledging” and hazing were outlawed by Lambda Chi Alpha during the 1970′s and have no place in our Fraternity.  “Associates” will always be treated with respect and dignity in Lambda Chi Alpha.