The Fall Newsletter

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The Fall Newsletter

The Spring semester was one to remember. Lambda beta 1000 was initiated. At the end of the semester, we were 92 active brothers strong. You count that we'll be an one hundred man chapter by the end of the school year.

Let's give a full recap of last semester and start from the beginning:

We were proud to unveil the restored 1974 composite to the active chapter. Over the roughly 50 years we've been on campus, many of our composites have gone missing or have been damaged. The restoration of the 1974 composite is our chapter's first success story in attempting to restore our grand history.






We are so thankful to all of the alumni that helped make this possible and are proud to say that this composite restoration is just the first of many to come.

The 1974 composite is now back where it belongs at home, inside the walls of the residence found at 163 West Main St.

Initiation followed shortly thereafter the unveiling of the 1974 composite. Man, initiation really was a big day for our chapter's history. As stated before we have reached the unbelievable milestone of initiating our 1000th brother. Below you can see Lambda Beta 1000 himself, Dylan Smith, sign his name into our grand history forever.

In total, we initiated 16 fine young men into our chapter's bond. Please welcome the following brothers to our chapter:

  1. Joseph Jefferson, ΛB 999

  2. Dylan Smith, ΛB 1000

  3. Kilian Teschko, ΛB 1001

  4. Tyler Wojcik, ΛB 1002

  5. Jesse Rinaldi, ΛB 1003

  6. Tyler Moore, ΛB 1004

  7. Justin Drzal, ΛB 1005

  8. Brendan Clark, ΛB 1006

  9. Matthew Moser, ΛB 1007

  10. Richard Faull, ΛB 1008

  11. Anthony Apostolico, ΛB 1009

  12. Andrew Markey, ΛB 1010

  13. Tyler Kane, ΛB 1011

  14. Jacob Ray, ΛB 1012

  15. Nicholas DiPaola, ΛB 1013

  16. Nicholas Semple, ΛB 1014

During initiation we were also proud to present our second restoration project, once again due to some of our amazing alum. The 1965 composite now stands tall in our chapter room where it belongs!

So far, all great news right? Far from enough for us, though. We were proud to represent Lambda Beta in the final round of National's March Madness philanthropy event. In our endeavors, we were able to raise over 50,000 pounds of food for those in need within the state of Delaware.

we also had some fun at the beach! Our annual formal gets better every year.

So what about this year?

Well, it turns out we are in store for an even bigger semester.

The date has been set for our 50th anniversary. 50 amazing years at the University of Delaware. It's time to celebrate. We will be having a banquet on December 5th, 2015 to honor each and every brother that has made this historic moment possible.

For more information, you can join the event on facebook or contact Lyman Chen or Christopher Mule. You can reach Christopher, our High Rho, at

You can also click this link to register for the event now.

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Letter From President

Dear Alumni, 

My name is Andrew Salecker, and I am honored to be writing to you as the newly elected High Alpha of Lambda Beta Zeta. For the upcoming calendar year, our chapter has elected a strong group of leaders which will be working vigorously on continuing to improve the many different elements of our fraternity, including the growing relationship between the active chapter and our strong alumni community. In this upcoming year alone, we will be celebrating both our 50th year on campus as well as the initiation of Lambda Beta 1000, two remarkable milestones for our chapter. I will be working closely with our new High Rho Christopher Mule and a large group of alumni to create a wide array of opportunities to give each and everyone one of you the chance to be involved and to contribute to our ever-growing chapter during this incredibly important year. 

With your support, I am confident that we will be able to execute the best year that Lambda Beta Zeta has ever had! 

New Officer Information:

Andrew Salecker, ΛB 941 - High Alpha (President)

  •  From: Garden City, New York
  •  Major: English Education
  •  Year: Junior
  •  Email: 
  •  Biography: I am honored to have been elected as the next High Alpha of Lambda Beta Zeta and to have been given the opportunity to continue to follow in the footsteps of the strong and passionate leaders that have come before me. I have previously served Lambda Beta Zeta by organizing our Homecoming and Greek Week activities as well as leading the chapter to second place finishes at last year’s Greek Week events and Airband competition. The upcoming year is going to be an important one for our chapter as we celebrate both our 50th year on campus and the initiation Lambda Beta 1000, and I am thrilled to have been given the chance to lead our active chapter in what will surely be the best year Lambda Beta Zeta has ever had.    

M. Patrick Gianforte, ΛB 981 - High Beta (Internal Vice President)

  • From: Brielle, New Jersey 
  • Major: Accounting and Finance 
  • Year: Junior 
  • Email:  
  • Biography: In the spring, I will be starting my second full semester as an initiated brother of Lambda Chi Alpha. While I have not yet held an official position, I have helped many former officers carry out their responsibilities. I am excited to build on the progress of our former High Beta Steve Savastano by continuing to prove ourselves as the strongest brotherhood on campus. As we anxiously await Lambda Beta 1000, I am glad to have the chance to oversee a brotherhood that had given so much to so many people.

Dante Osbourne, ΛB 976 - High Theta (External Vice President)

  • From: Bear, Delaware 
  • Major: Finance and Management Information Systems 
  • Year: Sophomore
  • Email: 
  • Biography: On campus I work as a Blue Hen Ambassador, a New Student Orientation Leader, and I serve on the Student Conduct’s Appellate Board. For the fraternity, I worked extensively with our High Delta during the 2014 fall rush period. I am excited for my term as High Theta because I know we have the potential to explode this year as one of the strongest external forces on campus, and I feel I have all the resources to make that happen.

Timothy DiNapoli, ΛB 945 - High Gamma (Secretary)

  • From: Parsippany, New Jersey  
  • Major: Environmental Science, Wildlife Conservation (Minor) 
  • Year: Junior
  • Email: 
  • Biography: I am incredibly excited to serve as the next High Gamma of Lambda Beta Zeta. This past year I served as the historian of our chapter. I am looking forward to working with a High Zeta that will see the initiation of Lambda Beta 1000.    

Daniel Robinson, ΛB 950 - High Tau (Treasurer) 

  • From: Mount Laurel, New Jersey 
  • Major: Accounting, Management Information Systems (Minor) 
  • Year: Junior
  • Email: 
  • Biography: Previously, I have served on the chapter’s Financial Planning Committee and attended Lambda Chi Alpha's General Assembly in the summer of 2014. I have also worked closely with our previous High Tau in learning the many obligations and expectations of the position. I am exited to have the opportunity to help lead this chapter to incredible, new heights.

Joseph Coffin, ΛB 991 - High Iota (Risk Manager)

  • From: Wilmington, Delaware
  • Major: History Education
  • Year: Freshman
  • Email: 
  • Biography: I am a newly initiated brother of Lambda Chi Alpha, and in the future, I hope to hold more leadership positions within our chapter. I am excited to be a new officer because I am looking forward to the opportunity to make a difference in our fraternity. I am going to make sure that we stay safe in all of our chapter activities, while allowing our events to be just as effective and enjoyable as they have been in the past.

Christoper Mule ΛB 972 - High Rho (Alumni Secretary) 

  • From: Yardley, Pennsylvania  
  • Major: Management Information Systems 
  • Year: Sophomore  
  • Email: 
  • Biography: As a passionate young man who always has his eyes looking towards the future, I am thrilled to be elected as the next High Rho. As a freshman, I served as the Conclave Chair. I managed the Atlantic Conclave in its entirety, which included hiring the event staff, renting necessary locations, setting the agenda, and working with Nationals and our alumni base to make sure the event ran as smoothly as possible. Since then, I have worked closely with Dylan Gallimore, our former High Alpha, at the Delaware GOP office. I can not wait to have the opportunity to work closely with all our alumni in the upcoming year. 

Garrett Himler, ΛB 968 - High Kappa (Fraternity Educator) 

  • From: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 
  • Major: Biochemistry, Economics (Minor) 
  • Year: Sophomore 
  • Email: 
  • Biography: Previously, I have served the chapter as the Big Brother Coordinator for the 2014 spring class of Lambda Beta Zeta. I'm excited to have been elected as the High Kappa because I believe I can bring something special to the role that we have not yet seen in the past. I believe I can further the development of the Associate Membership to make it a truly great process that produces outstanding Lambda Chi Alpha men.

Andrew Gilbert, ΛB 971 - High Delta (Recruitment Chair)

  • From: Smyrna, Delaware
  • Major: Sports Management and Marketing 
  • Year: Sophomore 
  • Email: 
  • Biography: For the past two semesters, I have assisted our previous High Delta in helping to recruit the best possible members to better the Lambda Beta chapter. I am also a huge supporter of the B+ foundation and all it does here at the University of Delaware. I am excited to be a new officer as I have a strong desire for us to be the best, and taking a leadership role is something I can do to help us achieve that desire.  

Brendan Horne, ΛB 966 - High Phi (Ritualist) 

  • From: Dover, Delaware 
  • Major: Biomedical Engineering, Bioelectrical Engineering (Minor)
  • Year: Junior
  • Email: 
  • Biography: I am looking forward to have the unique opportunity of preparing the brothers, alumni, and associate members to initiate our 1000th brother. It is a tremendous milestone for our Lambda Beta chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha, a chapter that has such a rich history of brotherhood through its soon to be 50 years on campus. 

Alexander Belly, ΛB 957 - High Sigma (Scholastic Chair)

  • From: Bridgewater, New Jersey 
  • Major: Chemistry 
  • Year: Junior
  • Email: 
  • Biography: I previously held multiple appointed positions in the Zeta including CAP Chair and Big Brother Coordinator. From these previous experiences, I have learned a lot about the inner workings of the chapter and have successfully innovated these positions in many areas. I am excited to bring this innovation to my new position as High Sigma. I see huge potential for the position to greatly benefit our brothers and to set them up for a more successful life, both during and after college.

Anthony Feola, ΛB 965 - High Epsilon (Social Chair)  

  • From: Exton, Pennsylvania 
  • Major: Mechanical Engineering 
  • Year: Sophomore 
  • Email: 
  • Biography: This spring will be the start of my second term serving as High Epsilon for our chapter. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to continue the incredible progress and growth that we have achieved over the past year.

Additionally, the new officers and the entire active chapter are thrilled to announce that Robert Curtis, ΛB 237 ( has been re-elected as our chapter’s High Pi (Alumni Advisor) and that Nicholas Villari, ΛB 938 ( has been selected as our new Standards Chair.



Fall Semester In Review

Fall Semester In Review

Lambda Beta has been hard at work. Our group, currently 76 men strong, had a lot to share this past semester.  Miss out?

Don't Stress. We've got you covered.

One fine group of gentlemen

Brother Garrett Himler holding his only friend

Our First Annual Watermelon Bash

Thanks to the determination and dedication of Fall's High Theta James Clarke and co., our chapter was proud to host our first annual Watermelon Bash.

Celebrating a day's success with the lovely ladies of Gamma Phi Beta

The now annual event, co-hosted with the lovely ladies of Gamma Phi Beta, was held September 29th, 2014. On this special day we were proud to have over a dozen Greek organizations participate in various different competitions, like a watermelon toss, all in the good name of raising funds for those in need. We're excited to begin planning our second run on the event, led by newly elected High Theta Dante Osbourne.

Ned's Golf OUTING

We were sad to hear the news that one of our own had left us. 

Alumni Lyman Chen said it best, "I had the honor of being initiated alongside with Ned and the rest of the Associate Class of Spring 1990.  Ned was a great Brother with a heart of gold.  It was a shock to hear of his sudden passing this summer."

We as a chapter were proud to host a golf outing in his honor. We were even more proud to be able to give the daughters of Ned Mechling (LB 568), who are 12 and 16 years old, the net proceeds from the Outing.


Ned was a great Brother with a heart of gold.

Alumni Tailgate

The Crew

On the same weekend, we had the joy of tailgating with brothers of all ages. It was a great experience for all who attended. We, as a Chapter, hope to continue the building of this great tradition over years to come.

During the weekend, Niko Tsolakidis (LB 960) challenged his quad century Bill Goldberg (LB 560) to a pull up challenge. The competition was more tense than Rocky Balboa's tandem with Ivan Drago. 

LB 560: 27 Pull ups, LB 960: 26

Alumni: 1

Actives: 0

Lambda Beta Father-Son experience with Dean Coffin, LB 369 welcoming  his son Joey Coffin, LB 991! 


We were proud to have 12 new brothers enter our bond. Give a congratulations to the following men:

  1. George Slinn, ΛB 987
  2. Alexander Schreiber, ΛB 988
  3. Dominic Cacace, ΛB 989
  4. Anthony Scaffa, ΛB 990
  5. Joey Coffin, ΛB 991
  6. Alex Dragona, ΛB 992
  7. Josh Greenberg, ΛB 993
  8. Jared Medrano, ΛB 994
  9. Moritz Schelp, ΛB 995
  10. Brian Kenney, ΛB 996
  11. Bryan Salecker, ΛB 997
  12. Trent Svatek, ΛB 998

High Zeta Elections

We couldn't be more proud of the men who have held their offices with the highest of regards over the past year. Their work has brought our great brotherhood one step closer to achieving our goals. Without a doubt, it is due to their service that our chapter is pure, high, ever growing. Every good man, though, must find an even better man to take their helm. It is for that reason, why we are proud to announce the young men who will lead the way for the coming year.

The newly elected High Zeta of Lambda Beta

  • High Alpha, Andrew Salecker
  • High Beta, Pat Gianforte
  • High Theta, Dante Osbourne
  • High Gamma, Timothy DiNapoli
  • High Tau, Daniel Robinson
  • High Iota, Joey Coffin
  • High Rho, Christopher Mule
  • High Kappa, Garrett Himler
  • High Delta, Andrew Gilbert
  • High Sigma, Alex Belly
  • High Epsilon, Anthony Feola
  • High Pi, Robert Curtis

Want to learn more about our newly elected officers? 

You're in luck.

Our newly elected High Alpha, Andrew Salecker, worked diligently to give our alumni a quick synopsis of the new High Zeta. You can read his work by reading his letter to Alumni here.