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Fall Semester In Review

Fall Semester In Review

Lambda Beta has been hard at work. Our group, currently 76 men strong, had a lot to share this past semester.  Miss out?

Don't Stress. We've got you covered.

One fine group of gentlemen

Brother Garrett Himler holding his only friend

Our First Annual Watermelon Bash

Thanks to the determination and dedication of Fall's High Theta James Clarke and co., our chapter was proud to host our first annual Watermelon Bash.

Celebrating a day's success with the lovely ladies of Gamma Phi Beta

The now annual event, co-hosted with the lovely ladies of Gamma Phi Beta, was held September 29th, 2014. On this special day we were proud to have over a dozen Greek organizations participate in various different competitions, like a watermelon toss, all in the good name of raising funds for those in need. We're excited to begin planning our second run on the event, led by newly elected High Theta Dante Osbourne.

Ned's Golf OUTING

We were sad to hear the news that one of our own had left us. 

Alumni Lyman Chen said it best, "I had the honor of being initiated alongside with Ned and the rest of the Associate Class of Spring 1990.  Ned was a great Brother with a heart of gold.  It was a shock to hear of his sudden passing this summer."

We as a chapter were proud to host a golf outing in his honor. We were even more proud to be able to give the daughters of Ned Mechling (LB 568), who are 12 and 16 years old, the net proceeds from the Outing.


Ned was a great Brother with a heart of gold.

Alumni Tailgate

The Crew

On the same weekend, we had the joy of tailgating with brothers of all ages. It was a great experience for all who attended. We, as a Chapter, hope to continue the building of this great tradition over years to come.

During the weekend, Niko Tsolakidis (LB 960) challenged his quad century Bill Goldberg (LB 560) to a pull up challenge. The competition was more tense than Rocky Balboa's tandem with Ivan Drago. 

LB 560: 27 Pull ups, LB 960: 26

Alumni: 1

Actives: 0

Lambda Beta Father-Son experience with Dean Coffin, LB 369 welcoming  his son Joey Coffin, LB 991! 


We were proud to have 12 new brothers enter our bond. Give a congratulations to the following men:

  1. George Slinn, ΛB 987
  2. Alexander Schreiber, ΛB 988
  3. Dominic Cacace, ΛB 989
  4. Anthony Scaffa, ΛB 990
  5. Joey Coffin, ΛB 991
  6. Alex Dragona, ΛB 992
  7. Josh Greenberg, ΛB 993
  8. Jared Medrano, ΛB 994
  9. Moritz Schelp, ΛB 995
  10. Brian Kenney, ΛB 996
  11. Bryan Salecker, ΛB 997
  12. Trent Svatek, ΛB 998

High Zeta Elections

We couldn't be more proud of the men who have held their offices with the highest of regards over the past year. Their work has brought our great brotherhood one step closer to achieving our goals. Without a doubt, it is due to their service that our chapter is pure, high, ever growing. Every good man, though, must find an even better man to take their helm. It is for that reason, why we are proud to announce the young men who will lead the way for the coming year.

The newly elected High Zeta of Lambda Beta

  • High Alpha, Andrew Salecker
  • High Beta, Pat Gianforte
  • High Theta, Dante Osbourne
  • High Gamma, Timothy DiNapoli
  • High Tau, Daniel Robinson
  • High Iota, Joey Coffin
  • High Rho, Christopher Mule
  • High Kappa, Garrett Himler
  • High Delta, Andrew Gilbert
  • High Sigma, Alex Belly
  • High Epsilon, Anthony Feola
  • High Pi, Robert Curtis

Want to learn more about our newly elected officers? 

You're in luck.

Our newly elected High Alpha, Andrew Salecker, worked diligently to give our alumni a quick synopsis of the new High Zeta. You can read his work by reading his letter to Alumni here.